Research Interests: Macroeconomics, International Finance, Political Economy, Misallocation and Productivity

Working papers

  1. Political Constraints and Sovereign Default (with M. Azzimonti) -- submitted

  • NBER Working Paper Number: w29667

  • Previous version: Political Constraints and Sovereign Default Premia

  • Presented at: ASSA Meetings (2023), Australasian Meeting of the Econometric Society (2022), North America Summer Meeting of The Econometric Society (2022) Miami, The Kuznets Mini-Conference (2022) Yale U. (M. Azzimonti), Philadelphia Fed (2022) (M. Azzimonti), CAFRAL-- Reserve Bank of India (2022), Shiv Nadar U. (2020), IIT Kanpur (2020), Ahmedabad U. (2020), MWM (2018) Vanderbilt U., Stony Brook U. (2020)

  1. Banking Reforms, Access to Credit and Misallocation (with P. Chakraborty)

  • Presented at: Stony Brook U. (2020)

Work in progress

  1. The Political Economy of Fiscal Dominance (with A. Chatterjee)

  2. Political Economy of Fiscal Rules (with A. Sagwal)

  3. Climate Policy Inequality and Innovation

  4. The Predictive Power of Capacity to Repay (CtR) Indicators in IMF Programs (with Rina Bhattacharya and Edda Zoli) Slides